Marketing skills and tools to the service of blockchain and crypto currency projects


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An alternative to traditional financial products


Near instant Fiat to Crypto transfers


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We provide the highest quality of videos for your project. Those can be for a specific announcement, an explicative of your project or a new logo intro. We use a mix of software (AE, PP, iMovie, etc…..) coupled with online resources. All our videos are copyright free, meaning you can use them to your liking without limitation. We can provide 360, 720 or even 4K videos.

We will work with you to ensure that the result exceed your expectation.


As videos, we provide all types of graphics. We can design your road map, your whitepaper layout and illustration, your comparative table as well as any kind of mockup you need, including logo and branding. All our work come in high resolution and we provide different sizes to fit social media, website and general announcements. we also provide animated gif banners of the highest quality to promote your project on different platform.


Why waste time and stress out about community management, moderation or member control? We can provide community managers for your social platforms like Telegram or Discord to ease your burden and for you not to waste resources and focus and the real things that are important for your project. Simply tell us the rules and requirements and we will monitor and moderate your social platforms


You have your project starting but lack human resources or need help? We have experienced advisors that can help you focus on the steps to move forward your project and advise on what to do and what not to do to make your project successful. They will work with you to and use their skills to provide quality expertise. Our advisors have trackable experience on community project, ICOs and private invested projects.


We manage your giveaways and airdrops to raise awareness about your project and bring traffic toward your different social platforms. By using different twitter accounts, we can reach thousands of potential investors that will have to complete certain tasks, like RT and/or join social platform of your choice to be eligible.


We advise your project on what is the best course of action in your marketing strategy as well as what to avoid when promoting your work. We use our past experience to recommend the best techniques as well as the best timing to carry out marketing campaign. We will help you conducting a campaign and coupled with our design work, this is a perfect benefit to add to your project.


You have an idea, but no technical knowledge? We can build a blockchain with consensus POS, POW and Hybrid, with wallets  for iOS, Android and web version (iOS and Android pushed to stores). We will also build your explorer with ROI calculator and all your coins information. With a fast turnaround and support along the way, this is an ideal solution if you need a blockchain to kick start your project.






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